2014 Advanced Course - Berlin

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2014 IPPA Advanced Course In Paediatric Pathology

Welcome to the 2014 IPPA Advanced Course in Paediatric Pathology
Berlin, Germany
13th to 19th September

About The Course

Local Organiser's Welcome Letter

Dear All,

For a long time, Berlin has belonged to the group of international cities renowned as favorite travel destinations. Since the reunification of Western and Eastern Berlin, the city has reconnected with its famous past and developed into an amazing centre of cultural expression and diversity, ranging from its lively theatres and operas to the art scene. Most recently, Berlin has gained notability within the fashion and film industries.

Young people are especially drawn to the flair and nightlife of Berlin.

Berlin offers a unique bridge to the past by providing a juxtaposition of the old and new, both historically and architecturally. This bridge to the past also applies to pathology, owing to the legacy of Virchow at the Charité. For these reasons, I am very glad that the next IPPA-course will be held here. The course itself will take place on the peripheries of Potsdam, a suburb of Berlin, 35 km southwest of the city, in a beautiful area on the Templiner Sea.

The weather in September is typically still warm, allowing us to enjoy the outdoors and take advantage of nearby amenities including wooded jogging trails. In case of the weather disappointing, the hotel offers a modern wellness centre with an enclosed pool and sauna.

A visit to Berlin presents an exciting opportunity to explore recent history in relation to the older Prussian past we will experience in our visits to many castles and royal parks. As we will see, both cities have a lot to offer and provide the perfect setting for engaging discussions, not limited to pathology. Come and enjoy the famous “Berliner Luft” (Berlin Air).

Kind regards

Kathrin Hauptmann and Marta Cohen

Local Organisers: Dr. Kathrin Hauptmann

Course Director: Marta Cohen

Course Venue

Below are some images from this year's course venue.
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