2017 Advanced Course - Venice

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2017 IPPA Advanced Course In Paediatric Pathology

Welcome to the 2017 IPPA Advanced Course in Paediatric Pathology
San Servolo, Venice
30th September to 6th October

About The Course

Local Organiser's Welcome Letter

Dear friends and Colleagues,

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to San Servolo, Venice and the XXXVIX IPPA Advanced Course in Paediatric Pathology from the 30th September to the 6th October, 2017.

Venice is the city suspended on the water. It has been celebrated by artists and poets over the centuries, since its foundation by people escaping persecution in mainland Europe after the decline of the Roman Empire. As a city of rich merchants, it was house for painters and explorers that brought its legend in the most remote places of the world known at that time. As Marco Polo says in “The invisible cities”, by I. Calvino, to Kublay Kan asking him why he never speaks about Venice: 'Every time I describe a city I am saying something about Venice”, because Venice is a miracle you cannot speak about “for fear it can disappear”

We will have the chance to visit its hidden art treasures and discover in San Servolo, a part of Venice unknown to the majority of the tourists. There we will experience the meditative atmosphere of the lagoon as it used to be centuries ago. The small island was originally site of the insane asylum for males, while women were sent to San Clemente island, just in front of San Servolo, now hosting a luxury resort. On the opposite side there is San Lazzaro degli Armeni, site of a small Armenian orthodox religious community, where lord Byron used to retire to find inspiration and to study.

The silence and the intense perfumes of the flowers in the gardens of San Servolo combined with the saltiness of the lagoon will be the ideal background for a full immersion in the study of fetal, perinatal, paediatric and placental pathology. Outstanding internationally renowned paediatric pathologists will help us to discover new landscapes and revisit old perspectives.

For the opening session, a journey in the history of medicine will be guided by Prof. Zampieri, who will lead us through the streets of an ancient Padova, scientific pole of the rich Venice, and we will eavesdrop the cultural excitement of the people of Patavina Universitas. There Morgagni was starting the revolution of the medical art.

We will spend a week in San Servolo, and will move by boat for our excursions, like venetians normally do. The temperature around this time of the year is generally warm, but rain is not unusual, so better to be ready to this possibility!

Social dinner will take place at the Navy Official Club in San Marco, an ancient Venetian building. The policy of the club requires tie for men and sneakers are forbidden. Remember to add a tie in your luggage!

The social activities include the visit of San Marco Cathedral and the Piazza, an excursion in the hidden parts of Venice and, finally, a visit to Murano and Burano islands.

“Venice, the single word seems to send an exaltation exploding in the soul”, T.Scarpa celebrates in his literary guide “Venice is a fish”: we hope that you will come back home from the Course with the same feeling.

An island almost only for us will be a unique experience contributing to make more intense the scientific exchanges among all the participants, in a magic atmosphere that is the same that over the centuries has made of this special city a cultural melting pot.

Looking forward to seeing you in Venice,

Rita Alaggio, Luisa Santoro & Katrine Ludwig

Course Director: Marta Cohen

Course Venue

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